Stainless Steel (SS) 316/316L/316Ti UNS S31600/S31603/S31635 RCS & CC Bars

Steel Line(India) is an exceptionally acclaimed exporter and supplier of Stainless Steel 316/316H/316Ti RCS & CC Bars and Rods that are being sourced by utilizing unrivaled nature of raw material.These 316 Stainless Steel Rods are a variation of the 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel austenitic composite, which is the most surely understood and the most regularly utilized as a part of the group of stainless steel.

SS 316 RCS & CC Bars is a higher carbon version to some degree, and often found in wire and strip shapes. Otherwise called UNS S31600, these SS 316 Rods is a flexible and extreme review that shows comparative erosion resistance, is not hardenable by the treatment given by warmth, and is likewise non-attractive. Our SS 316 Bars and Stainless Steel 316 Rods are all things considered utilized as a part of its tempered state and have a high ease of formability and creation
Our SS 316H RCS & CC Bars are molybdenum-aura austenitic stainless steel. The predominant substance of nickel and molybdenum of these SS 316H RCS & CC demonstrates better erosion safe elements by and large, and particularly regarding setting and hole consumption in chloride frames. Otherwise called UNS S31609, our SS 316H Bars and Stainless Steel 316H RCS & CC are utilized for various apparatuses, for example, in Chemical processing and equipment; Food preparation equipment, mainly in chloride forms; Plastics, pulp, rubber and paper machinery; Pollution control tools; Laboratory benches and equipment; and so on.
These 316Ti Stainless Steel Bars give great hoisted temperature pliable, crawl qualities and push burst, together with a few properties of having astounding formability and weldability. Otherwise called UNS S31635, our 316Ti Stainless Steel RCS & CC are very safe from refinement, and therefore are really frequently utilized as a part of significant gage welded segments. In the meantime, these Stainless Steel 316Ti Bars and SS 316Ti RCS & CC can likewise be manufactured and machined to get together the channeling needs of our customers.
We likewise offer these stainless steel 316/316H/316Ti RCS & CC bars in various sizes and shapes according to prerequisites given by our regarded customers that are being composed according to the national and global standard nature of crude materials.

Who are we?
We are one of the leading manufacturers, largest stockist, suppliers, and exporters of ASTM A484 Stainless Steel 316/316L/316Ti RCS & CC Bars are available in different types such as ASTM A484 Stainless Steel 316/316L/316Ti RCS & CC Bars, Stainless Steel SS UNS S31600/S31603/S31635 RCS & CC Bars, ASTM A484 Stainless Steel SS 316/316L/316Ti RCS & CC Bars & Rods, Stainless Steel SS DIN 1.4401/1.4404/1.4571 RCS & CC Bars, Stainless Steel UNS SS204Cu00 RCS & CC Bars in India & worldwide.

Chemical Composition of Stainless Steel 304/304L/304H RCS & CC Bars

The Alloy 316/316L/316Ti Stainless Steel Square Bars is used in Oil and Gas PipeLine, Chemical Industry, Paper and pulp industry, Structural pipe.

We are the global export -
Steel Line (India) exports ASTM A276 Stainless Steel 316/316L/316Ti RCS & CC Bars to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, China, Peru, Nigeria, Jordan, Muscat, Kuwait, Dubai, Thailand (Bangkok), Germany, Canada, Russia, Australia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Jiddah, Libya, Yemen, Algeria, Qatar, Oman, United States Of America, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, France, European Union, New Zealand, Angola, Congo, Kenya, Lebanon, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Sudan, Singapore And Netherlands.



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Pharma & Fertilizer Industry
Dairy & Food Industry
Ship Building Industry
Cement Industry
Steel Plant Industry
Chemical Industry
Kitchenware & Cutlery Industry
Petrochemical & Oil Industry

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“ Shah group ... Complete solutions in steel “ with it’s nationwide network has developed good relationships With leading SS Round bars , bright bars , coils , sheets , plates , pipes & tubes consumers across India . We are the ISO 9001:2015 Certified group of companies having very strong prominence in stainless steel market.

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